Wine Tasting Reviews

This section of the website contains my reviews of individual wines as well as various thematic and producer visit tastings.  I do not rate wines and strongly urge you to read my reasoning behind the 5-star system (available in detail in ABOUT THIS BLOG section) in order to better understand the individual reviews.

Scarzello Langhe Nebbiolo 1997 335x192

April 4, 2015

A very different animal from the 1990 Scarzello Barolo Vigna Merenda. Confidently its own, this Langhe is a shining example of how a well-made…


March 25, 2015

The purpose of the tasting was not necessarily to shock and wow, but rather to explore, with no prejudice, the wines we drink less regularly…

Producer Profiles

This blog also contains wine-maker profiles and meeting notes, highlighting some of my favorite producers, which are often smaller and not widely known.  The aim is to focus mostly on first-hand information derived from the producers themselves during my visits to their wineries and vineyards.

Scarzello (Thumbnail)

You may like them or dislike them, but Scarzello wines have style! A distinct, clear, individualistic and unapologetic style. Tellingly, this style is so rooted that it transcends generations.

Eugenio Bocchino (Thumbnail)

Being a small passionate winemaker is a tough gig on many levels: from finding the right plots/vines if you haven’t inherited them, to evolving and mastering your philosophy, to securing the financing.

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