2000 Soldera

April 2, 2015

Type:Red Wine
Varietal:Sangiovese Grosso
Producer:Brunello di Montalcino Riserva Case Basse
Region:Italy / Toscana / Montalcino / Tavernelle


Patience is a virtue. The first nose was hugely maderized and the initial reaction was that this wine has, by and large, perished.

With seven wines being served as one set, table real estate was at a premium and most of the people opted to give back this glass, writing it off as a goner.

My person preference when faced with a serious wine which seems overly evolved is to stay with the glass for the duration of the tasting and observe. Sometimes nothing happens and the dead stay dead. However, at times – amazing things occur. This is especially true with old Baroli, so don’t rush to judgement if your bottle of 1964 Barolo from a serious producer at first appears far over the hill. It might just need more time to wake up.

With this Case Basse Riserva the turnaround was not quite of the Benjamin Button proportions, but remarkable nonetheless.

By the end of the night, whatever was left in my glass was a wounded soldier, who will never fully recover, but hardly a goner. I would like to think that it was a tribute to how a great pedigree can withstand some storage abuse and emerge crumpled, but alive. A lesser wine would simply not have that spine strength to bounce back, even if partially.

The second bottle of the same wine was in a much better shape and provided a stark contrast to compare this one to. They were cleverly served next to each other and it was impossible to say this was the same bottle.

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