2007 Baricci

April 2, 2015

Type:Red Wine
Producer:Brunello di Montalcino
Region:Italy / Toscana / Montalcino / Montosoli hill


Baricci, is one of the very few anti-pop winemakers from the prized Montosoli hill in Montalcino. Poduction is quite small and limited to only Brunello (no Riserva) and Rosso. Notably, the entire Brunello production from its 5ha is aged in one botte for 36 months to yield roughly 12-14,000 bottles.

Normally Baricci produces Brunelli which are light, elegant, gentle and somewhat shy.  Distant bloody cherry pit and creamy violets in the nose carry onto the palate not only in flavour, but also in texture.

Airy and light texture make it extremely quaffable and easy to enjoy, but do not discount it as simple. It is one of those wines which deliver simple pleasures easily, but are more than capable of giving you seriousness and depth if you give it more of your attention and focus on listening rather than just drinking.

Best when drunk alone versus being crowded by other wines. Its a ballet dancer, so don’t expect it to perform like a gentleman fighter or an aristocrat fencer. Unfortunately, I feel that, at least for me, this bottle of Baricci fell victim to the context of the tasting (read more of my thoughts on this here) and three stars reflect this.

Bottom line: One of the best inexpensive Brunelli with a focus on elegance and quiet charm. I am still a big fan.

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