2011 El Vinculo

March 25, 2015

Name:El Vinculo
Type:White Wine
Producer:Alejairen Crianza
Region:Spain / La Mancha


Airen is the most planted grape in the world you’ve not heard of. To be precise –  it is in top 3 (along with Cabernet Sauvigno and Merlot) with their positions shifting a bit due to change in planted area and various sources of data. But I bet you’ve heard of the other two guys, so Airen is clearly the invisible giant as far as most people are concerned.

Considered inferior, Airen is predominantly for producing brandy. Alejandro Fernandez, the mastermind behind Grupo Pesquera (which includes El Vinculo bodega) took a risk and produced the 100% Airen wine.

The result is interesting, but not quite my cup of tea. I couldn’t overstep the massively candied, creamy strawberry, toffee and caramel nose. It was as if I had liquid candy in the glass. Complements of the 24-month barrique elevage.

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