2011 Zidarich Vitovska Classic Line

September 18, 2014

Type:White Wine
Region:Italy / Friuli-Venezia Giulia


Benjamin Zidarich founded his winery in Karst/Carso region of Friuli in 1988. Over the years he expanded his organic operation from 0.5ha to ~8ha, focusing almost exclusively on the local varietals (Vitovska, Malvasia, Terano), with Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot used alongside them in the two blends (Prulke and Ruje).

There are two different bottlings of Zidarich Vitovska in the stable. This one, of the Classic Line, and the limited quantity of the Collection Vitovska V. produced from the exceptional 2006 vintage.

The Zidarich Vitovska Classic Line 2011 is the cleaner, more restrained and the less funky version. Not quite the old-style non-skin contact Vitovska, but sort of the middle ground between that and the Georgian-style. The grapes are destemmed, but allowed to ferment and macerate on skins in open-top vats with frequent punchdowns. No temperature control is used and only native yeasts. Ageing is in medium and large Slavonian oak for 2 years. Bottling is down with no filtration or stabilisation.

Zidarich’s Classic Line should have a wider reach in terms of audience, and I would gladly drink a bottle. However in the entire Vitovska space, I do prefer the more nuanced, deeper and funkier versions from Vodopivec, Cotar or Zidarich’s own Collection version.

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