2012 Marco De Bartoli

March 25, 2015

Name:Marco De Bartoli
Type:White Wine
Producer:Grappoli del Grillo
Region:Italy / Sicily


Expressive, but not banal nose. Very savory. Starts off with fresh stoney minerality and a hint of fresh rubber, gradually developing the smoked/cured meat aromas. It might not be the most complex aroma, but undeniably interesting and engaging.  With time the fruit starts showing up, but it’s unlikely you’ll wait that long.In the mouth you’re hit by the same freshness, although not a crispy one. More of a breezy kind. Acidity is key here. It is piercing, but only a step away from sharp and angry. A cool wine – unmasked, confident and a touch sarcastic. All it needs is a good pair.

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