N.V. Savart L’Accomplie Premier Cru

February 11, 2015

Name:L'Accomplie Premier Cru
Varietal:80% Pinot Noir, 20% Chardonnay
Region:France / Champagne / Ecueil and Villers-aux-Noeuds


Savart Champagne was born in 1947 when Rene Savart bough his first vineyards. The winery is now run by the Rene’s son and grandson – Daniel and Frederic Savart and it remains a small Récoltant Manipulant (i.e. grower), amounting to about 4ha in two villages of Ecueil and Villiers-aux-Noeuds. These 4ha are comprised of around 50 separate plots, in some of which Savart family owns only a few rows. However, all the plots are Premier Cru level and Pinot Noir takes up all but the 0.5ha, which are allotted to Chardonnay.

L’Accomplie Premier Cru N.V. 

  • A blend of 80% Pinot Noir and 20% Chardonnay (although in some vintages the split is 70/30) this Non-Vintage bottling is a blend of the vintage base and wines from the two previous years.
  • Vinification is 50% in steel (no malolactic fermentation) on and 50% in oak (with partial malolactic fermentation).
  • Sugar level: 7g/l

First bottle of Savart for me. Recommended by a friend, it’s been waiting to be popped for nearly a year. The verdict – great recommendation! I absolutely loved it.

Was it the best Champagne I had? Of course not. For that it lacked the unworldly intricacy of layered nuances.

However, what this L’Accomplie did have was seriously seamless balance. Not only the balance of aromas, flavour and composition, but also the tricky bit – balance of complexity and accessibility, density and elegance, roundness and crispiness/zest.

It also had plenty of serious and deep-rooted charm of being wholesome. It isn’t often that a wine leaves you with is emotion and memories of its weight and mouthfeel, rather than how yeasty, fruity or acidic it was. Not that one is better than the other, but they do pluck different strings.

One of the friends we shared this bottle with that evening called it “classy”. Another member of our group, having misheard, perceived the description as “classic” and proceeded to think out ponder on the subject out loud. Eventually we sorted this out, but the truth is that L’Accomplie is both classic AND classy.

It doesn’t have the funky rebel attitude (which isn’t bad if done right) of some gargiste growers, but it isn’t a boring, rigid and uptight interpretation of classy. It’s fruit is not the essence, but more of an echo. It’s minute residual sweetness is present, but only in the right amount and for the right duration, gradually dissolving into a lengthy savory and vibrating finish.

One of the most honest Champagnes I’ve tried. I absolutely love it.

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