Tutorial: How to export/save your Vivino wine database

April 15, 2015



Good news. Vivino made available an option to back up all your records (not the pictures) via their website.

All you need to do is log into your account on www.vivino.com, click on your name in the top right corner and select “Export” -> “Wines”.


We’ll leave our original instructions from 2014 (when back-up function was not available) in the text below just in case an alternative method may be needed at some point.

Vivino is a convenient tool for sharing your wine reviews.  But if you are anything like me, you want to be able to have a backup of your database in case Vivino, god forbid, ceases to exist or some glitch wipes it out.  On numerous occasions I have written to the Vivino’s customer service and pleaded with them to make available the feature, which would allow you to export your wines.  I was never offered a coherent response.  As a result, I decided to take the matters into my own hands.  The internet was no help, yielding an old Perl script, which no longer works.  However, finally the solution was found and is outlined below!


Step-by-step guide on how to export/save your Vivino wine database:


Note:  This guide focuses on an export to be performed from an iPhone.  I’m sure it would be very similar with the phones that run Android.


A fellow Vivino user Takkino Felduchi suggested another, easier step as an alternative to STEPS 2 and 3, which allows one to get the database straight from the app itself.  The directions are as follows:

a) Click on your Profile button at the upper left corner:

Vivino 1 - (Profile)



b) Click on Settings buttom at the upper right corner:

Vivino 2 - (Settings)

c) After that scroll down to the bottom and click on About:
Vivino 3 - (About)

d) At the bottom of the screen click on “Submit a debug report to Support

Vivino 4 - (Submit)

e) You will have the following email draft pop up.  Just change the “To” email to your own and inside the “log.zip” file you will find datav3.sqlite file.  After receiving an email and saving zip file, proceed to STEP 4.

Vivino 5 - (Email)


First, you will need to download two pieces of free software, which are available for both Mac and Windows.


Connect your iPhone to the computer.


Open iFunBox and in the left-hand tree expand User Applications and find Vivino.  Browse to Vivino’s Documents folder and find a database file called datav3.sqlite.  Right click on it and export it to the Desktop.

Vivino Database File (Screen)


Open database file you just downloaded in Database Browser for SQLite and click on Browse Data tab.  In the Table drop-down find Wine and voilà – this is a table, which contains all of your wine reviews and notes.

Vivino Database SQL (Screen)


To export individual tables click File > Export >Table as CSV file…

Vivino Exporting (CSV)