2007 Livio Sassetti

April 2, 2015

Name:Livio Sassetti
Type:Red Wine
Varietal:Sangiovese Grosso
Producer:Brunello di Montalcino Riserva
Region:Italy / Toscana / Montalcino / Montosoli hill

Sassetti family has been farming their vineyards in Colle for years, but were never fully happy with the result. Eventually, in the 1970s they sold that land and bought the Pertimali property on the prized Montosoli hill. From their Brunello zone estate they produce the typical Montalcino trio – Rosso, Brunello and Brunello Riserva, but also some. Rosso (~15k btls) sees no wood. Brunello normale and Riserva are aged for 36 months in large Savonian botti, a full year longer than required. The key differences between the normale and Riserva are: 1) Riserva is produced only in exceptional vintages and 2) Riserva receives extra bottle ageing, as per the legislation.

First thing you get on the nose is a great mix of proper, classy red fruit, biodynamic notes and a whiff of that good-old hearty country barnyard that Sangiovese can muster like no other. You either love it or hate it. I lllove it!

Funky as it is, the traditional style comes across strong. It’s not what you might call an ultra-classic Brunello, but definitely traditional. Focused, juicy, salty, trim and tight, nice rolling texture and lightness of character typical for Montosoli. It may not deliver the level of sophistication that a Poggio di Sotto, Le Chiuse or Paradiso di Manfredi, but it has a lovely personality and plenty of complexity to take you away from the “everyday” wines’ pleasant simplicity without breaking the “special occasion” wines budget.

In my book, Sassetti Livio has been offering a very good price/quality Brunello normale and Riserva option for a few years now and this instance just confirmed that it can punch above its weight (or at least above its price).