1943 Chateau Caillou Sauternes Cru Classe

September 15, 2014

Name:Sauternes Cru Classe
Type:Dessert Wine
Varietal:Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, Muscadelle
Producer:Chateau Caillou
Region:France / Bordeaux

This was my first war-vintage wine. I have to admit, it did evoke a strange feeling. However, considering it was probably released in ’45, it’s unlikely that there is a Nazi possession episode in its provenance.  As for the drink itself – gorgeous! I can’t really describe the nose.  Not yet, at least.  Extremely round, balanced and layered and fresh(!!).  It delivers that level of harmony, where dissecting individual notes is futile and just plain silly.  An honor and a pure joy!