2011 Dauvissat-Camus La Forest Chablis Premier Cru

September 18, 2014

Name:Chablist La Forest Premier Cru
Type:White Wine
Producer:Domaine Dauvissat
Region:France / Burgundy / Chablis

Dauvissat is one of Chablis hallmark producers. Frankly, if you think of hardcore Chablis – two names come up right away: Dauvissat and Raveneau. Of the two, Dauvissat should be more yielding and more approachable at a younger age. Mind you, it is still a Chablis which will dictate how the dinner will go, not the other way around. And you better listen to it.

This particular bottle – young, but delivers on all levels. Mineral, vibrant and, surprisingly for this age, readably nuanced. One of my all-time-favorites value for money options.