2012 Avanthia

March 25, 2015

Type:White Wine
Region:Spain / Galicia

It was a one-two punch for me and I was out. And I stayed out. Chalky, dusty, doughy, floury and even some chicken broth in the nose. All of this could’ve been not bad if the flavor was more on the bone-dry crispy and funky. Instead, it was oaky sweetish, lazy, mildly supported by the acidity backbone. Out of whack really.

In the past I’ve tasted another wine from Avanthia, made out of and named after Mencia – one of my favorite Spanish autochthonous varietals typical of Bierzo region. The style was alright, albeit flirting a touch with commercial lean.

I would hate to think that they completely choked the Godello. I am curious to give it another go, but this particular bottle did very little for me.