2009 J. Rochioli River Block Chardonnay

September 18, 2014

Name:River Block Chardonnay
Type:White Wine
Producer:J. Rochioli
Region:USA / Missouri

Nuts, slightly toasted and lightly buttered white bread, white flowers and a rather cool-ish nose. Complex and surprisingly elegant. Would like to eventually re-taste/drink it.

2005 J. Rochioli West Block Pinot Noir

September 16, 2014

Name:West Block Pinot Noir
Type:Red Wine
Varietal:Pinot Noir
Producer:J. Rochioli
Region:USA / Sonoma County

One of the less typical Cali Pinot Noirs. Still a bit big, but not without its elegance. You can actually hear the grape behind the volume and you can actually enjoy it too…as long as you are in the mood for this version of the Pinot.