Of Barriques and Men

April 16, 2015


Barriques could be a touchy subject in the context of many wines, especially in Piemonte and Toscana.

Images of some of the most outspoken opposers like Beppe Rinaldi (and his “The only good use for barriques” chair) and Bartolo Mascarello (and his beautiful and self explanatory labels) pop up almost instinctively when the topic comes up.


The Dark Side of Wine Tastings

March 21, 2015

When I was just getting into wine – I’d try to go to just about every wine tasting I could find and afford. I strongly recommend any novice to do the same. But…

At one point, some years later, while reviewing my old tasting notes, I was surprised to discover that I had no recollection whatsoever of some wines tasted in the past. Far from being able to boast an exceptional memory, I’ve always been relatively good in remembering the wines I drank. So to look at my handwritten notes on a flight of serious Bordeaux or SuperTuscans and draw a complete blank on some wines came as a surprise.