The Context of Wine: Winemaker

April 18, 2015

Is wine an independent entity?

Should it be considered separately from the person who transformed/helped it transform from grapes to wine?

This question once creeped into my head and never left.

I suspect that if your interest in wine goes beyond deciding which red pairs best with a steak – you’ve already had or will inevitably have the same questions tickle your curiosity. Well, here are a few my thoughts.


Of Barriques and Men

April 16, 2015


Barriques could be a touchy subject in the context of many wines, especially in Piemonte and Toscana.

Images of some of the most outspoken opposers like Beppe Rinaldi (and his “The only good use for barriques” chair) and Bartolo Mascarello (and his beautiful and self explanatory labels) pop up almost instinctively when the topic comes up.